As with all things, mechanical oil field equipment is vulnerable to failure. This failure can be the result of one of many different things, or even a combination of things. For example some contributing factors can be: repeated temperature or pressure swings, stress, normal assembly and disassemble practices, contact with abrasives, abuse, chemical exposure and manufacturing defects. When equipment flaws are not discovered, they can eventually result in failure. These failures are not only costly to the owner of the equipment; they also present a great danger to the personal and to the environment.

In an attempt to reduce the potential for these types of failures, governmental regulations have been levied on the oil and gas industry. These regulations require that select pieces of equipment must be tested and recertified on a recurring basis. These examinations must be administered by a government or a third party inspection facility that has had the appropriate training and hold said credentials.

Lone Star Red Iron Testing and Recertification LLC has the certifications and training needed to satisfy these requirements. We specialize in the inspection, testing, repair and rebuilding services for oil field flow line equipment such as chicksan swivel joints, pup joints, plug valves, check valves, relief valves and more.

We also update or replace existing equipment bands and provide recertification certificates to our customers. This service helps our customers stay in compliance with government regulations, as well as, maximizing the performance and lifespan of their equipment.

In many cases, our services provide a level of comfort and confidence to our customers that can’t be had until the equipment has been examined, tested and approved by qualified personal. Please contact us for information and pricing for your inspection and recertification needs. We look forward to doing business with you.